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EPWater celebrates utility’s engineers, legacies

Engineers make El Paso Water and our community a better place. EPWater will celebrate our engineers, who possess a toolbox chock full of skills, during Engineers Week – Feb. 18-24.
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El Paso Water’s 2018 Charity of Choice focuses on children with the Assistance League of El Paso

The Public Service Board this week approved El Paso Water’s 2018 Charity of Choice recommendation put forth by the employee selection committee. This year’s non-profit partnership – Assistance League of El Paso – will focus on school-age children through Operation School Bus, a program that provides free school clothing to economically disadvantaged children between the first and fifth grades.
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El Paso Water Recognizes Restaurants Committed to Water Conservation

If you’re dining out and wondering what the Certified Water Partner decal is on the door of your local restaurant, it’s a beacon to the community that this restaurant is going above and beyond to save water.
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Approved 2018-19 budget focuses on rehabilitation, growth and reliability

The Public Service Board (PSB) approved the El Paso Water Budget for fiscal year 2018-19 for its water, wastewater, reclaimed water and stormwater utilities on January 10. The new budget includes an 8% water/wastewater rate increase and a 2% stormwater fee increase. Together, these translate into an increase of $4.06 per month for a typical homeowner.
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Winterization tips can help you avoid costly repairs

With the arrival of cold winter temperatures, El Paso Water urges you to “Protect Your Pipes” to avoid a headache this holiday season.
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Mini Dozer saves money, manpower for Stormwater

The newest addition to El Paso Water’s Stormwater operations is earning rave reviews from staff members. The Mini Dozer, which cost about $130,000, can carry about a half-ton of debris and operate on an eight-hour battery charge. It also saves time, money and manpower, aside from making it safer for Stormwater employees who work to keep systems free of debris.
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El Paso's water is safe to drink

Contrary to what you might hear in the news from other cities, drinking water is not a significant problem in El Paso. There is no lead in the source waters used for El Paso's drinking water, nor is there lead in the pipelines that carry water through the city or the service lines that lead into businesses and homes.
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Sandbag Distribution Program Moves to Regular Schedule

The summer sandbag distribution schedule ends Sunday, Oct. 1, when EPWater closes the four regional sandbag sites.
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We Take Water Quality Seriously

El Paso Water places the highest priority on water quality, and the release of the 2016 Drinking Water Report gives us the opportunity to share what we do to guarantee a healthy and safe water supply for El Paso.
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Are you tired of being on hold? Try these options

We apologize for the inconvenience, and we have implemented automated system improvements to shorten your wait time. We need your help to make the improvements a success.
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EPWater does not endorse pipeline protection programs

El Paso Water has received several inquiries about companies offering programs that cover the cost of emergency repairs to water and sewer service lines. El Paso Water is not affiliated with these companies and does not endorse the companies or their programs. Furthermore, El Paso Water does not require customers to obtain pipeline protection coverage.

Customers who are considering purchasing pipeline protection coverage from private companies are advised to read the information carefully before making a decision.

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