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Conserving water helps El Paso Water prepare for the future. Conservation helps us postpone large water supply projects; it makes a difference in how long water resources last. A few simple changes will make a difference, and by working together we can save a lot.

There are more immediate benefits in our desert environment where half of our water is from the Rio Grande. Extreme drought conditions reduced river flows in 2012 and 2013, leaving less river water available for El Paso Water.

Drought caused many Texas cities to impose water restrictions. Thanks to strategies such as conservation, El Paso's water needs were met.

Take steps to conserve water while performing everyday activities. Don't let it run into the street or needlessly down the drain. Curbing water use can reduce water, sewer and energy charges, and saving money is an added benefit.

Follow the links on this page for water-saving ideas and information. Make conservation a daily affair.


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