Technical Services

Engineering Contacts

The EPWU Engineering Department personnel are located on the third floor, at the El Paso Water Utilities Administration Building at 1154 Hawkins Blvd., El Paso, Texas 79925. Phone: 915-594-5526

New Service Application: 915-594-5635
Field Inspection: 915-594-5785

Technical Services
Oversee all functions within the Technical Services Division, including engineering, planning, project administration, and contract administration.
Chief Technical Officer Gilbert Trejo, P.E., CFM,

Water and Wastewater Engineering
Design, coordinate, and manage engineering projects and studies with private consulting engineers, City of El Paso, and other utilities and agencies.
Engineering Division Manager - Amy Castner, P.E.,

Planning and Development
Process applications for new sanitary sewer and water service installations as established by PSB Rules and Regulations. Administer development agreements for new subdivisions.
Engineering Division Manager Adriana Castillo, P.E.,

Project Administration
Administer all consulting and construction contracts for planning and design of major water and sewer facility improvements (CIP).
Utility Engineering Division Manager Felipe Lopez, P.E.,

Stormwater Engineering
Administer engineering planning, design and construction of stormwater capital projects and programs.
Stormwater Engineering Manager Gonzalo Cedillos, P.E.,

Construction Administration
Administer construction of EPWU water, wastewater and reclaimed water capital improvements program.
Utility Construction Engineering Division Manager Robert Riley, P.E.,