Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUB)

In September, 1992, the Public Service Board instituted a policy to use small locally-owned, minority and women-owned businesses in the purchase of supplies, materials and services to the maximum extent economically feasible. Additional subcontractors and suppliers to general contractors are the most urgently needed companies which the Utility needs to add to their vendor base. The Board has directed staff to actively provide outreach services to small, minority and woman-owned local businesses, in order to continue increasing purchases from local, minority and women-owned businesses. The Purchasing and Contracts Administration department will continue outreach activities, seeking additional qualified vendors.

In order to assist vendors who are interested in applying for HUB Certification, we have included the link to the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts (CPA) website. The CPA currently provides HUB certification free of charge and is valid for 4 years, provided your business continues to meet the CPA HUB eligibility requirements.

Click here to access the CPA Website

The El Paso Water Utility also maintains a vendor listing of small locally-owned, minority and women owned business enterprises. These vendor listings are included below.

Minority, Small, and/or Women Owned Business Lists

Women Business Enterprises (PDF)
Small Locally-Owned Business By Vendor (PDF)
Minority Business Enterprises (PDF)