Master Plan

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El Paso Water Utilities has a simple message to help keep you and your family stay safe during this monsoon season: Keep Alert, Keep Clear.

Keep alert to changing weather conditions, because flash floods can kill in a flash; Keep Clear of storm drains and canals, because – wet or dry – they're no place to play.

On this Web page, you'll find a printer-friendly version of our bilingual tip sheet. Feel free to print it out, stick it on your fridge, and make copies for your friends. If you haven't already heard them, take a few minutes to listen to our radio messages. We've got links to them on this page, too.

However you decide to do it, just make sure you start a conversation with your family about stormwater safety – today.

It's been an exceptionally dry year and as El Pasoans we all welcome the monsoon rains. But remember, dangers can come with our summertime storms, so Keep Alert, Keep Clear.

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