Wastewater Rates

Wastewater Service Charges

Monthly minimum wastewater charge for City water customers, based on size of water meter with a 400 cubic feet volume allowance:

Sewer Charges
Meter Size Minimum Charge4
Meter Size Minimum Charge4
Less than 1" $15.14
1" $34.83
1 1/2" $74.13
2" $93.27
3" $206.18
4" $317.56
6" $491.84
8" $857.06

Commodity Charge:

The commodity charge for wastewater service to all customers shall be set at $ $1.91 per CCF. The commodity charge shall be calculated based on 90% of AWC in excess of the volume allowance included in the minimum charge. The minimum and commodity charge will be set through the following February billing cycle.

Average Winter Consumption (AWC) is the average amount of water used during the most recent December, January and February billing periods.

The commodity charge for new customers will be calculated using the class average AWC by meter size for their respective class until they establish an AWC base.

Residential Charge:

Charges for services less than the normal 30-day reading cycle shall be calculated in the same manner as a full reading cycle.

Wastewater service to facilities where all or part of the water supply is obtained from other than the City water system shall be charged on the basis of the actual wastewater volume as estimated by the Utility or as measured by a meter installed at the customer's expense, except as provided herein for certain residential properties. The charge for such wastewater service shall be $21.08 per month, plus $1.91 per hundred cubic feet of the total actual or estimated wastewater volume for all users.

Where the wastewater service charge is based on water consumption and the use of the water is such that a considerable portion thereof is not returned to the sanitary wastewater system, the user may, at his option, install a meter for the purpose of measuring such water that does not return to the wastewater or a meter to measure the amount of wastewater actually entering the system, and the monthly wastewater charges shall be based on the difference between the two water meters or on the readings of the wastewater meter, whichever is applicable. Meter installations as described herein shall be made at the users expense. The charge for wastewater service based on actual volume of wastewater shall be $24.27 per month plus $1.91 per hundred cubic feet of the total measured wastewater volume.

Wastewater charges are based on the "normal" quality (or strength) of wastewater. A surcharge shall be added for strengths exceeding the normal limits based upon analysis of samples taken by the Utility under provisions of the Rules and Regulations, and upon the quantities of wastewater determined by the same methods used to calculate the regular wastewater charge. The surcharge shall be 15.0 cents for each pound of BOD in excess of 300 parts per million (ppm), plus 14.0 cents for each pound of suspended solids in excess of 300 ppm.

Permit fees for Wastewater Discharge Permits (two types) and Waste Hauler Permits shall be as follows:

Permit Fee:

Categorical Industries $1,090 per year
Non-categorical Industries $218 per year
Waste Haulers $109 per year

For additional rate information, contact customer service.