Monthly Minimum Water Rates

The following rates are effective with meter readings taken after February 28, 2018.

Monthly minimum charges for water service, based on size of meter with a 400 cubic feet (4CCF's) volume allowance:

Meter Size Minimum Charge
Less than 1" $7.16
1 $11.17
1 1/2" $19.15
2" $23.05
3" $46.02
4" $68.69
6" $104.14
8" $178.39

Charges for water service are based on the customer's average winter consumption (AWC), which is the average of the amount of water used during the previous December, January, and February billings. (Customers who have not established an AWC are assigned an AWC based on meter size for their classification.) Up to 4 hundred cubic feet (CCF) are included in the minimum charge for residential customers.

Block Per CCF Volume Charge
1 $2.15 Over 4 CCF-150% of AWC
2 $5.11 Over 150%-250% of AWC
3 $7.30 Over 250% of AWC

Non residential customer rates to not include 400 cubic feet allotment in minimum monthly charges.

Average Winter Consumption (AWC) is the average amount of water used during the most recent, December, January and February billing periods. Any Customer that at the time of service has not established an AWC will be assigned the class average AWC by meter size for their customer classification.

All single family residential accounts with " to 2" meters who have an AWC lower than the average AWC for " single family residential class will be assigned the " single family residential class AWC.

Properties located outside the El Paso city limits are charged 1.15 times the rate for the same service to customers whose property is inside the city limits.

Water Supply Replacement Charge

A monthly water supply replacement charge shall be collected from the users of each and every service connected to the water system, including Local Government Turf Accounts and Very Large Water Users.

*If the monthly water consumption is less than 4 CCF's the monthly charge for the Water Supply Replacement will not be charged.
Meter Size Monthly Charge*
Less than 1" *$10.62
1" $26.56
1 1/2" $53.11
2" $84.96
3" $169.86
4" $265.43
6" $530.87
8" $987.39

Water Bill Guarantee Deposit (effective March 1, 2011)

A Guarantee Deposit shall be collected from all users of water lines and systems of the Utility as a condition of service at the time of the user's application for water service from the Utility as follows:

Single family residence $75.00
Duplex residence $150.00
Triplex residence $225.00
Commercial establishment $150.00
Industrial $500.00

If the credit experience of a particular customer is unfavorable, the Utility management shall require a deposit in excess of the scheduled amount based on the two highest monthly bills on record for the customer. The bill guarantee deposit will be applied against the final bill. At termination of service, any excess deposit will be refunded. Guarantee deposits shall not earn interest and no customer shall be entitled to interest on the deposit.

Customer Account Set-Up Fee

All customers who initiate service with the El Paso Water Utilities Public Service Board, or who change the location for service, shall pay a Customer Account Fee of $20.00 for each transaction.

Franchise Fee

A $3.55 million franchise fee was imposed by the City of El Paso to compensate for wear and tear on streets by EPWU vehicles and the use of streets and rights of way for utility pipelines. The franchise fee is based on meter size and assessed to all residential, non-residential and standby fire protection accounts.

The following fees are effective with meter readings taken after May 31, 2015.

Meter Size Residential Non-Residential Standby Fire
Less than 1" $0.77 $0.98


1" $1.65 $2.11


1 1/2" $2.59 $4.64


2" $3.60 $8.98


3" $7.70 $16.93


4" $12.84 $28.56


6" N/A $78.65


8" N/A $125.84


10" N/A $180.92


12" $110.36 $338.21