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El Paso Water Celebrates Infrastructure Week 2017

While it may not be obvious, water infrastructure is an essential part of our everyday lives. It's buried deep underground to deliver clean drinking water and reliable wastewater services. It's the stormwater pond or channel down the street that collects monsoon rains and reduces flooding, and it's the water production facility that transforms river water into fresh drinking water.

El Paso Water is celebrating Infrastructure Week with other utilities nationwide by highlighting several of our ongoing infrastructure projects ranging from stormwater improvement projects to new water reservoirs to water main replacements.

EPWater prioritizes smart, fiscally responsible investments to build and maintain systems that deliver on essential water service needs:

  • We are building new reservoirs to meet the water needs of our growing city;
  • We are replacing miles of water lines each year to keep up reliability and reduce water main breaks;
  • We have installed innovative leak detection devices that help reduce water loss;
  • We are building major stormwater improvement projects to reduce flooding; and
  • We are expanding our odor control systems at our wastewater treatment plants to be a good neighbor.

Supporting all of these systems requires continued investment. A poll commissioned for Infrastructure Week by the Value of Water Campaign, found that an overwhelming 67% of Americans believe that rebuilding our infrastructure is an extremely or very important priority.

The theme of Infrastructure Week is #TimeToBuild a social media hashtag representing the call for increased investment in infrastructure from the local level to the state and federal level.

We invite you to join the conversation and follow EPWater's Facebook and Twitter pages as we highlight ongoing infrastructure projects every day this week. Share your stories on social media about how infrastructure impacts your life.