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El Paso Water kicks off “Fix A Leak Week” at Wyler Tramway event

When it comes to water leaks, a small issue can quickly become a big problem. One drip per second from a leaky faucet can add up to more than 3,000 gallons of wasted water per year.

El Paso Water kicked off its “Fix A Leak Week” campaign on March 17 with an education booth at the Wyler Aerial Tramway’s 17th Year Anniversary Celebration. An annual event organized by EPA’s WaterSense program, Fix a Leak Week urges water providers across the country to share information with the public on how to identify and fix common leaks.

EPWater volunteers shared quick and practical tips with event visitors to help them find leaks in the home, such as adding food dye to your toilet’s water tank to detect a leak. Visitors to the booth received several free items to tackle leaks and information about the WaterSense label, which shows the product has a water efficiency certification.

Angela Mendoza, who lives in the Lower Valley neighborhood, visited the booth and says it was her first time learning how to find a non-obvious leak. She said she will put the tips to use at her home. “I have been thinking for a while that I have a leak in my kitchen. These tips could really help,” Mendoza said.

Children visited the booth and played an educational game that involved counting the number of drips from a bottle over a minute and then calculating how much water this “leak” would waste over a year.

Lopaka Ahia, an Eastside resident, attended the event with his 7-year-old son, Ryan, who played the game. “I didn’t realize it could add up to so much from a little drip,” Ahia said. “We’re definitely going to take leaks seriously.”

EPWater will be sharing useful tips about finding and fixing leaks all week on Facebook and Twitter. Additionally, EPWater’s mascot Willie the Waterdrop teamed up with the Chico from the El Paso Chihuahuas to make a video on how to look for leaks, click here to see it.

For additional information, visit the EPA’s Fix A Leak page at: